Storms sweep across the country tonight and tomorrow!

Mánudagur, 21. febrúar 2022
The "Weather"

Another depression to come over us tonight, Monday  21.02. and before noon tomorrow, Tuesday 22.2.
We ask residents to take good care of themselves and check that cars are as well located and accessible

The weather forecast:
Southeast 8-15 m / s early part of the day and showers or thunderstorms, but clear winds to the north.
Rapidly deteriorating weather in the afternoon. Southeast 23-30 m / s in the southern half of
the country tonight with considerable rain, sleet or snow and temperatures 0 to 4 degrees.
East and southeast storm or wind N-land around midnight with snow, squalls and temperatures
close to freezing.Turns southwest and west 18-25 m / s with rain or snowfall in the south of the country late at night,
but N in the morning and shortens them to the north-east of the country. Warmest on the SW coast in the morning but in the north-west in the afternoon.
Decreasing southwesterly night in the afternoon tomorrow with winds from the south and west and gradually cooling down.


Note:  Google  helped me to translate. (-:|>*